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Thank you all very much :hug:

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Bernhard Siegl Eve Livesey Liz Browne
Hi All

This is a new stock account - created by Burtn :iconburtn: and Eve Livesey
:iconevelivesey: and recently joined by Liz from Canada :-)

- we hope you all like it :-)

We have provided these photos for MANIPULATION purposes and the stock is completely unrestricted - use for commercial and non-commercial work - commercial please let us know via a note (so we don't get any surprises!) - we do not require credit on your commercial works - but it would be nice if it is possible. You DO NOT have to wait for permission from us to use the stock commercially - we don't want to interfere with your deadlines.

DO NOT COPY or REDISTRIBUTE these photos as they are - they are copyright of the respective photographer. DO NOT UPLOAD them to a Wallpaper site but DO feel free to download as wallpaper for your personal use :-)

You may make backgrounds from our stock.

You may run prints on DA.

You don't have to ask to use this stock.

You may post your art where you like.

You may use this stock on SIMs RPGs etc.

You may use our photos for drawing reference - we love it when you do :-)

We would like you to credit us in the description and link back to this account so that others can see and use our stock and we would love to see what you have created so we can add it to our Favourites Gallery, we run a feature every week of the art created - so it helps to get your art noticed too.

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PrentilStudios Featured By Owner 5 days ago
And again.  :)  You guys rock.
The Great Isle of Prentil, Bk1, Ch4, Pg3 by PrentilStudios  
PrentilStudios Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Hello. Just wanted to let you know that I used a couple of your stock images in my latest web comic page.  Hope you like it!

The Great Isle of Prentil, Bk1, Ch4, Pg1 by PrentilStudios
maniatyko Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2015
Thanks for the fav! :)
death-tribble Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2015
This is a message for Eve when she can get to it.
I seem to be on a banned list of yours and I don't know why. Granted you can ban anyone you choose but as I had not posted any deviations or any comments on your work only favourites I found it physically upsetting. This was probably not your intention.

I take photographs myself and that is why I was interested in your work and I was going to put your work on watch like other deviants such as Pajunen and hubert61 for example.
I commission art for superhero games for my own benefit not for commercial purposes but don't post any deviations as yet as I don't have a stable home computer and the time to devote to it yet.
If however someone has used my favourite collection to then access and manipulate your work I would like to know as I am more than willing to help punish them for this breach of acceptable behaviour.

Apologies to you and Bernhard and Liz if this is the wrong place for this but my use of the site is limited and I cannot post comments on your profile obviously.
I would like to be unbanned so I can favourite blitz your work again.


Death Tribble
I noted you to say I would unblock you but when I went to look you are not on my blocked list - something fishy going on hehe
death-tribble Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2015
Yeah tried again and the mesage I get is that 'the deviant has blocked you'.
Might have to send a note to the authorities and ask the to look at it. Will include the notes to see what they say.

Thanks anyways

Geoffrey Aspinall aka Death Tribble
Wonderful work - Thank you so much for the link and the credit :hug:
davidrabin Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi Everyone...i used your ice landscape stock here...thanks....David

Untitled by davidrabin
Brilliant work David! Thank you so much for the link and the credit :heart:
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